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What is VAPT?

VAPT, which stands for Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing, is a comprehensive security evaluation process that helps identify weaknesses in your IT systems. It combines two key approaches :

Vulnerability Assessment

This automated scan searches for known security flaws in your applications, networks, devices (endpoints), and cloud environments. It acts like an early warning system, alerting you to potential problems.

Vulnerability Assessment

This automated scan searches for known security flaws in your applications, networks, devices (endpoints), and cloud environments. It acts like an early warning system, alerting you to potential problems.

Why is VAPT important for your organization?

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) is a critical security evaluation process that benefits organizations of all sizes. Every IT system, whether on-premise or cloud-based, can harbor security weaknesses, regardless of the organization’s size. A common misconception exists that only large enterprises are targeted by cyberattacks. However, smaller businesses are often just as vulnerable due to potentially less stringent security measures. VAPT helps identify and address these weaknesses before they can be exploited, protecting your organization from cyberattacks, big or small.


A secure data network fosters trust and improves your company’s reputation.

VAPT safeguards your business from financial losses and reputational damage that can result from cyberattacks.

It helps organizations achieve and maintain compliance with national security codes and regulations.

VAPT protects sensitive information from unauthorized access, theft, and data breaches, ensuring the confidentiality of your data.

It follows a systematic process to identify critical weaknesses in your systems, enabling you to strengthen your risk management strategies.

VAPT provides a thorough evaluation of your web/mobile applications and network infrastructure, uncovering potential security gaps that could be exploited by attackers.

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  • Web App Pen Testing
  • Network/Infrastructure Pen Testing
  • Mobile Pen Testing
  • IoT Pen Testing
  • Blockchain Pen Testing
  • Secure Cloud Audit
  • Red Teaming

Web App Pen Testing

TwinTech's Web VA/PT streamlines security. We meticulously assess your web app, then rigorously reassess to ensure it meets the highest standards. This earns you a respected certification, validating your robust defences.

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Network/Infrastructure Pen Testing

TwinTech's Ironclad Audit deep dives your network. We analyse devices, servers, & critical systems using advanced techniques for in-depth vulnerability scanning & penetration testing. This exposes weaknesses, leading to actionable steps for a more secure infrastructure.

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Mobile Pen Testing

TwinTech's Mobile VA/PT strengthens your app security. We leverage industry standards to meticulously assess code, encryption, and more. This uncovers vulnerabilities and pinpoints improvement areas, ultimately fortifying your mobile defences.

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IoT Pen Testing

TwinTech's IoT VA/PT secures your connected world. We combine automated scans with expert analysis to find vulnerabilities in your devices. This hybrid approach builds a strong foundation for your IoT ecosystem, safeguarding your data.

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Blockchain Pen Testing

TwinTech's Blockchain VAPT secures your digital fortress. We collaborate to map your blockchain, then simulate attacks to find weaknesses. Combining automation and expertise, we empower you to fix vulnerabilities before they're exploited.

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Secure Cloud Audit

TwinTech's Cloud Guardian secures your cloud. We meticulously review resources, access, and settings to identify and fix vulnerabilities, ensuring optimal security and compliance.

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Red Teaming

Level up your cyber defense with TwinTech's Tabletop Exercise. Simulate real attacks, test your incident response plan, and identify weaknesses. This collaborative experience strengthens communication and fortifies your security posture.

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Beyond traditional VAPT services, what makes TwinTech a compelling choice for my security needs?

Some VAPT vendors offer competitive pricing. Why should I consider TwinTech’ s premium service model?

How does a VAPT consider my specific industry regulations (e.g., PCI-DSS, HIPAA)?

We at TwinTech will tailor the approach to consider the relevant industry regulations for your business. This means using methodologies and tools that align with compliance requirements like PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) or HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). The final report will also highlight any findings that could impact your compliance with these regulations.

How can I ensure the security of my data during a VAPT?

Could you assist us with remediation and retesting the vulnerabilities we've identified?

Given that my current vendor hasn't identified any significant vulnerabilities to date, would it be advantageous to assess your services as well?

What are the potential drawbacks or concerns associated with our annual penetration testing routine, mandated by regulatory requirements?