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Client feedback: Fueling our journey to excellence

Senior VP of Strategic Support from the B2B Lending Solution provider company.

“TwinTech Solutions’ team efficiently completed the assessment within a short timeframe, achieving satisfying results for the VAPT.”

IT Head & Director from the Digital Transformation Company.

“TwinTech Solutions implemented ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 for our organization. They also assisted us in efficiently filling any gaps in our compliance”

IT Security Head from Manufacturing Industry.

“TwinTech Solutions conducted a CISA audit for our organization. They excelled at guiding us towards corrective solutions in a prompt and efficient manner. Their exceptional level of support surpassed any experience we’ve had with other vendors.”

CEO from the Mortgage & Financial Services Industry.

“TwinTech Solutions conducted a comprehensive risk assessment for our organization, identifying potential risks and helped us mitigating with their partners.  Their detailed report provided actionable solutions to safeguard against future risks.”

Senior Vice President, Cyber Security Practice

Working with TwinTech Solutions on our network penetration testing was an absolute game-changer for our organization. Their expertise in this area is truly astonishing. Their meticulous approach, coupled with their deep understanding of network security, helped us identify vulnerabilities we never knew existed. Thanks to TwinTech Solutions, we've significantly strengthened our security posture and can confidently navigate the digital landscape with peace of mind. Highly recommend their services to anyone serious about safeguarding their network.

Next Gen Pentest

Upgrade from outdated PDF penetration test reports to a human-driven penetration testing method for unmatched intelligence and continuous security testing.

  1. Reduced email communication.
  2. improved communication quality
  3. Real-time reporting of vulnerabilities upon discovery
  4. Flexibility to start and stop testing at any time.

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