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Vulnerability Management

Effective vulnerability management goes beyond scanning; it incorporates patch management, IT asset management, and leverages automation for faster remediation. TwinTech Solutions Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS) delivers this comprehensive approach via the cloud, continuously identifying, assessing, reporting, and managing vulnerabilities across your on-premises and cloud environments, including identities, workloads, configurations, and infrastructure. This empowers you to swiftly address vulnerabilities and bolster your overall security posture.

Continuous Vulnerability scanner

Asset Discovery

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Asset Classification

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Proactive Asset Management


Agent-based Scanners

These function as resident security guards on your devices, continuously monitoring for vulnerabilities in real-time, ensuring your environment remains vigilant.

Web Scanners

Operating like web security auditors, they meticulously crawl your websites and web applications, searching for exploitable weaknesses, such as unpatched software or improper configurations

Database Scanners

Acting as data sentinels, these tools meticulously analyze your databases, safeguarding sensitive information from unauthorized access through potential vulnerabilities.

Network Scanners

Functioning like digital security inspectors, these tools meticulously examine network ports and protocols, identifying vulnerabilities akin to spotting unlocked

Vulnerability Prioritization


The ease with which attackers can leverage the vulnerability is assessed.


The potential damage caused to systems and data by a successful exploit is evaluated


The availability of patches or workarounds to address the vulnerability is considered. This determines the urgency of fixing the issue

Remediation Guidelines

Patch and Update Availability

VMaaS provides direct links to relevant patches or updates, enabling you to swiftly close security gaps.

Workarounds and Temporary Fixes

When patching is delayed, VMaaS offers temporary fixes to reduce risks until permanent solutions arrive

Configuration Adjustments

VMaaS recommends specific configuration changes that enhance security by tightening controls within your systems

Proactive Asset Management


Vulnerability Trends

Gain insights into the evolving threat landscape within your environment, allowing you to proactively address emerging risks

Remediation Tracking

Monitor the progress of vulnerability remediation efforts, ensuring timely resolution of security issues

Compliance Reporting

Generate reports that demonstrate adherence to industry regulations and security standards. This simplifies compliance audits and provides peace of mind.

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Benefits of Vulnerability Management as a Service

Proactive vulnerability management for minimized risk

Smart prioritization for efficient vulnerability fixing

VMaaS ensures adherence to critical security regulations

Benefit from our expert guidance throughout your VMaaS journey.

We empower remediation, not just identify vulnerabilities

VMaaS safeguards your finances by stopping breaches before they cost

VMaaS streamlines compliance, saving you time, money, and stress.

Expertise You Can Rely On