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Proactive Security Measures with Assumed Breach

Our Assumed Breach service simulates a security breach, uncovering vulnerabilities and prompting proactive security measures. This approach, regardless of your organization’s security maturity, can be tailored to identify weaknesses through:

Insider Threat Assessment

Evaluate your defenses against potential insider threats

Blue Team Effectiveness Testing

Measure your security team’s response capabilities in a controlled environment.

Limited Access Scenarios

Identify vulnerabilities that an attacker with limited access might exploit

Assumed Breach: Proactive defence Against Today’s Most Sophisticated Attackers

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Our Assumed Breach service combines elements of penetration testing and the assumed breach concept, utilizing the industry-renowned MITRE ATT&CK framework for a thorough and effective assessment. This multi-stage approach simulates a real-world attack, exposing vulnerabilities across your network


We begin by thoroughly mapping your environment, identifying users, groups, and potential access points.

Lateral Movement

Simulating an attacker, we attempt to move laterally through your network, escalating privileges and gaining access to additional systems.


We deploy simulated command and control (C2) mechanisms to elevate user privileges and establish broader control over compromised systems


We attempt to exfiltrate simulated sensitive data, testing the effectiveness of your data protection measures and existing detection controls.


Following the assessment, we develop comprehensive remediation plans to address identified weaknesses and vulnerabilities. This includes providing specific recommendations for strengthening your security controls and mitigating the security shortcomings discovered during the test.


Gain valuable insights into how your existing security controls perform against a simulated attack. This allows you to identify areas for improvement and strengthen your overall security posture.

We uncover critical vulnerabilities an attacker might exploit in a real-world breach. This proactive approach allows you to address these weaknesses before they can be used against your organization.

Our Assumed Breach service goes beyond traditional penetration testing by identifying infrastructure misconfigurations that might not be detected by standard test methods. This ensures a more comprehensive assessment of your security posture

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