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Test your defences against ransomware with TwinTech Solutions’ Ransomware Simulation. Identify vulnerabilities and ensure a swift recovery plan in case of an attack.

Life Cycle of Ransomware Attack

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late: Prepare for Ransomware with TwinTech Solutions.

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TwinTech Ransomware Simulation: Prepare Your Business for the Real World

Targeted Scenarios

Our simulations are customized to mirror real-world attacks, focusing on your specific
vulnerabilities and attack methods used by cybercriminals.

Realistic Impact

Experience a realistic simulation of data encryption, system lockouts, and ransom demands,
just like a real attack

Teamwork Under Pressure

Practice your incident response plan as a team in a simulated attack environment, honing
communication and collaboration skills during a crisis.

Empower Your Employees

Integrate our simulations with employee training to identify and avoid phishing attempts, a
common entry point for ransomware

Data-Driven Improvement

Receive detailed reports after each simulation, pinpointing areas for improvement and allowing you to track your security posture over time

Cost-Effective Investment

Investing in a ransomware simulation is a significantly more cost-effective way to prepare your business than recovering from a real attack



Define simulation purpose: assess controls, test response plan, or identify vulnerabilities.

Choose systems/ networks for testing (entire network, specific departments, etc.)

Select pre-built or customized ransomware attack scenario.

Secure necessary internal approvals for the simulation

Document a testing plan with objectives, scope, and procedures.


  • We use benign tools to simulate real-world ransomware attacks exploiting weak configurations, exposing vulnerabilities in your systems.
  • Collaborate and monitor the simulated attack to assess how your security controls and team respond in a controlled environment
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your detection, containment, and recovery measures in mitigating the simulated attack, pinpointing areas for improvement


Analyse simulation results to pinpoint weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and gaps in your security defences

Extract key learnings from the simulation to strengthen your security posture and refine your response capabilities.

Develop concrete recommendations to address identified issues and enhance your overall resilience against future ransomware threats.

We provide a concise report documenting the simulation findings, recommendations, and implemented improvements.

We also facilitate communication of the results to key stakeholders like
management, IT teams, and employees.

Ransomware Simulation Benefits


Expose Security Gaps


Test Your Defences


Refine Response Plan


Reduce Downtime


Sharpen Decision-Making


Boost Employee Awareness


Minimize Data Loss


Prioritize Security Investments


Measure Effectiveness

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